Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lost Soul Part VII

Jevon was drunk as usual. He had difficulty crossing the road and was seen hurling abuses at people. Aware of his inebriated condition, others decided not to say anything and went ahead with their work.

 He had to cross a railway track to get to his house. He walked in a zig-zag path. A distant sound of a horn was heard. Ravi looked at the direction of the sound. Nothing in sight. He decided to move further. He tried to cross the rail track. He was half way through.

 He heard people shouting from a distance to move away. He turned his head around to look at them. But, it was too late. He was cut into two by a steel portion of a speeding train engine. Two halves of his body lay on the either side of the track. He was dead.

 Others at the scene rushed to inform the police except two. They decided to catch the person driving the train engine, to hand them over to the police. The train engine slowed down. The two ran at their fastest pace.

 In no time, they reached the train engine. They peeped inside to look at the driver. They had the shock of their lives. No one was driving the engine.

To be continued...