Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Lost Soul Part VIII

I couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t eat. Her pretty face kept flashing across my eyes. I was disturbed by her very presence. Bharath happens to be one of my friends at college. He was my classmate. He too had joined for the I.T. course. Priya and Bharath were good friends. They were close. Closer than I had expected. She believed Bharath a lot. That was something I didn’t like.

I thought Bharath could make me get closer to her. I befriended him. I later found out that he had something else in mind. He was a traitor.

Each day with Priya passed like a minute. I decided to propose to her. Something, I hadn’t tried before.

It was the judgement day. I was ready to propose to her. Butterflies were already flying in my stomach. I waited for the class to get over. I was impatient to the core. After the class got over, I called her aside.

My heart started pounding fast. I though I would have a heart attack. I went closer to her. I went ahead.

“Priya, I need to tell you something. I.. I.. I like you a lot”, I said trying to muster courage.

She smiled. I felt happy. “Yeah, me too”, she said.

‘Did I hear her wrong? This isn’t a dream. Is it?’ I thought to myself.

“Actually, I meant, er.. er.. I.. I’m.. in love with you”, I said.

She was shocked for a moment. And then she spoke again. “We’ve been friends for hardly a week and you propose already?”

“I felt so. Did not want to prolong this”, I retorted.

“Hmm. I need some time to think. Mind if I tell my decision a week later?”, she asked.

“No problem at all. Take your own time!!”, I said. Better be a good decision, I thought and smiled to myself.

“It would be a good decision. Don’t worry.”, she said as if she had read my mind and smiled at me. ‘What a girl!!’, I thought.
To be continued...