Friday, November 21, 2008

Aut Sore Singh

It is defined as a long, results-oriented relationship with an external service provider for activities traditionally performed within the company. This is not one of Kamal Haasan's roles in Dasavatharam. This is about Outsourcing, which is in crisis after the recent American Presidential elections. Barack Obama made it to the top-spot by winning over a wide margin. Speculations are that, once he gains power and also entry into the White House, his first measure would be to stop outsourcing.

The result?? Millions of people of Indian origin, employed in the U.S. are at the risk of losing their jobs. This would not have been the issue of discussion, if John McCain was elected to power. Obama feels that Americans have been denied jobs in their homeland and so, is in the verge of driving Indians out of America. But mind you, Indians can survive wherever they are. They are respected for their knowledge and practical application of analytical techniques worldwide. Why, even Bill Gates was asked how he would respond to an economic crisis, where Indians would be asked to leave thier jobs in the U.S. He replied promptly."I would gladly shift the Microsoft base to India". This is because over 36% of employees in Microsoft are Indians, and people of Indian origin.

Imposing a ban on outsourcing, would mean a lot of things. The economic crisis, which India is facing today, would become even worse. Referred to as the "Global Meltdown", it has a taken a toll of thigs. I've never heard of such a crisis in recent years. Not only the economic crisis, but also the power shortage, seems to take a dig on economy. Why is the globe facing a meltdown? global warming perhaps?? Why don't they order a giant freezer and place the economy inside it, so that it does not melt? Instead, the economy can be sent to the North Pole!!. And once it recovers, can be brought back.

The students who have paid hefty sums to study engineering are at risk of not being employed. The campus placements for this year, compared to previous years have come down drastically. Though this has been the news, I.T. companies hold press conferences stating that they would recruit thousands in the next Fiscal year. And the reason they cite is that they would need the recruited students, to function as employees in their organizations, once the market recovers. Hope the market recovers soon. And yet another day, and yet another blog. Watch out this space for more!!

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