Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram-Movie Review

Gautham Vasudeva Menon has been making films with class and he has proved his mettle again. This time, it is with Vaaranam Aayiram. Seldom do we see movies like these, that portray the emotions between family relations. Mozhi directed by Radha Mohan was no exception, but that was of an entirely different genre. Attempting such a bold theme, needs lot of guts. Gautham has worked wonders with Veetayadu Vilayadu, depicting a fast-paced thriller, based on a cop. I must say he has experimented with an entirely different concept in Vaaranam Aayiram- the relationship between a father and a son.
The movie starts with the older Suriya(Krishnan) going for a haircut. The make-up team could have worked a little better on his beard. It totally did not go with his old age. He returns from the hair-saloon, only to die five minutes later, Choking up blood all around the house. Brilliantly portrayed by Suriya. Film-goers who expected an action movie with clues from the title, would have been felt deceived by the initial scenes. That is where the director's story-line stands out.
Simran plays Krishnan's(Old Surya) wife in the film, as Malini. Make-up was very bad. She informs the younger Suriya(Surya) about his father's demise. Surya was then on a Army mission. The first-person narration starts from there, travelling through various stages of Surya's life and his bonding with his father. Krishnan narrates his love experiences with Malini to his son and daughter. Must mention the director's dialogues throughout the movie. Very crisp and to the point.
Surya's school life progresses to college life. An interesting train journey. This is where he meets the love of his life, Meghna(Sameera Reddy). He takes out his guitar and starts singing a song. He proposes to her. She tries to elude him, with the usual dialogues and this is when the song, "Nenjukkul Peidhidum" song starts. Brilliant composition by Harris Jayaraj. And astounding camera work by cinematographer,Rathnavelu.
The train reaches Chennai and she leaves with her dad. Twists and turns and Krishnan ends up in hospital, as a result of a mild heart attack. Duty-bound, Surya starts working and accomplishes his dad's dream of building a house. He sings at a few competitions and manages to rake in money. He manages to find Meghna's house, only to be turned down by her, that she would leaving for the U.S. a week later.
Surya reaches home and tells everything to his dad. Krishnan acknowledges his son's love and asks him to go the U.S.. He leaves for the U.S. and finds Meghna. Meghna reciprocates his love. Ill-fate strikes. Meghna dies in a bomb blast at the building she was staying. But ill-fate eludes Surya. He survives. He breaks down uncontrollably. That scene was more of a tear-jerker with an outstanding performance from Surya.
He reaches home, only to become a drug-addicta few days later, unable to forget the his days with Meghna. Surya's performance as a drug-addict could even fetch him an award. The song,"Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala", showcases his grief, with Karthik's mesmerising voice. His mother sends him to Kashmir. He rescues a child from a group of terrorists and manages to turn over a new leaf. He returns to Chennai and decides to join the armed forces. Follows an intensive workout routine. This is where Surya with the six-pack comes in.
He reciprocates the love of his sister's friend Priya(Divya Spandhana) and marries her. The news of his father's demise reaches him. He leaves for Chennai to perform the last rites, shot exclusively on the shores of Rameshwaram. It looks more like some island. The film ends with a stellar performance from the cast. Harris Jayaraj's music has to be applauded. The director's inclination towards music has worked wonders with all the songs, picturised in picturesque locations.
Final Verdict: A good family film to watch, if you love your dad. 4 Stars out of 5. And yet, the end of another post!! Watch out this space for more!!

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