Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Lost Soul Part I

Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are entirely fictious.Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


She lay on the floor, bathed in a pool of blood. She lay motionless. Her throat was slit wide open. She was dead. 


It was my first day in college. New faces and hard to decipher languages, all around me. I was nervous. A guy who seemed to be in his twenties, walked up to me.

 “Hi!I’m Uday. Uday Sahu.”, he said.

 “Inaam.”, I replied.

 He started the conversation again. “Why did you choose this college and boy, you don’t talk much do you?”. He smiled as if he had cracked some good joke.

 “I’m kinda reserved. I don’t talk much unless it is necessary. And the reason for choosing this college, I did not score very good marks in the core subjects at school.”, I retorted.

 “Inaam, that sounds quite strange for a name. Does it have any peculiar meaning?”, asked Uday.

 “It means “an act of kindness”.”, I said proudly.

 He tried hard to stop looking at my face. But, he couldn’t do so. I waited without any patience for sometime. Someone just entered the class. The entire class stood up. It was our staff. Without any further delay, I stood up and the entire class wished the staff in unison.

 “Good morning students. Hope you’re all settled. I’m Karan, I’ll be handling physics for you and physics is quite an easy subject. The first lesson deals with…”.

 “Sir”, I interrupted.

 “Yes! I haven’t started the class and you got doubts already?”, he asked with a sheepish grin.

 “Not that Sir. Can’t we just start the class tomorrow? It’s the first day and we hardly introduced ourselves.” I said with a feeling of discontent.

 “Hmm. That looks like a good idea. Yeah, we’ll start the class tomorrow. In the mean time, I’d like to know your names. Please come forward and introduce yourselves.”

 I was happy that my suggestion worked. I was the first person to go forward and introduce myself. I was about to sit down at my place, when Mr. Karan, called me close. I thought he’d ask something personal

 “Yes, Sir.”, I asked with curiosity.

 “ You’re in the first year of college. Don’t act too smart. Your fate is in my hands.Got it? Now scram.”, he replied with an expression, that meant for sure he wasn’t happy with my suggestion.

To be continued...


Vinay said...

Sort of thriller, have more posts on your front page..I already read part 2 but i cant find it now

I liked Inaam's attitude, the names are was the poem. waiting for more.

Mani S said...

thanks a lot
i scribbled some of those in the third semester, for you know who :)
managed to use them now