Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lost Soul Part III

An angel on earth, I thought. She was very fair-skinned, with shining black hair, like the ones that appear in the shampoo commercials, except for the fact, that she was not an actress. She let loose her hair.

She was wearing a sky-blue salwar-kameez and as she moved past me, her snow-white shawl brushed against my face. Ecstasy experienced. Something happened, that I did not expect. She came and sat next to me. The whole world came down. I smiled to myself.

I tried hard not to look at her. But, my resolution did not help. By the way, a not so good resolution for the New Year. I was dying to know more about her. It was something I hadn’t experienced before. I smiled to myself. It was love at first sight.

I wanted to impress her. And yes, a fact always circled my head. Boys always mess up in front of good-looking girls. And I was not an exception and neither was she. I was lost in an array of deep thoughts.

“What is your name?”, asked Ms. Vidya.

“Priya”, she replied with a smile. She turned to me. My heart was pounding. She extended her hand. My joy knew no bounds.

“Priya.”, she said with a smile.

“Inaam.”, I replied with a smile.

Her hand was cold and I liked it. Must have been sleeping inside the refrigerator. I smiled to myself and patted myself for my so-called joke.I wanted to die at that instant. But, later I changed my thoughts. I decided to live for her. I felt ecstasy deep within my heart.

The entire one-hour duration of the class passed like a minute. While I was getting ready to leave, she smiled at me and said, “Bye. See you tomorrow!”

I thought, ‘When would tomorrow come? Why did they have 24 hours in a day?’


 It was the lunch hour. 50 minutes of quality time with Priya. No wait. The best moments of life. I was searching for a title for this auspicious moment. Priya by my side always meant that every second was auspicious. While I was lost in my day-dreams, someone came and sat by my side.

 That person’s face was blurred and out-of-focus.

 “Silly me!!”, I said smiling and slapped my forehead.

 My spectacles were hanging below my nose. I adjusted them and had a closer look at the person sitting next to me.

 I gasped for breath. It was Priya. My heart was pounding as usual. She was at her usual best. Her cheeks were red. Like an apple.

 She opened her lunch box and started eating. I opened mine and started eating like a glutton. She stopped as if something hard to swallow, went down her throat. She saw me at the corner of her eyes. I stopped eating like an hungry monster and ate my lunch as if I were the most disciplined on earth.

 She smiled at me.

 ‘Aah! My trick is working out’, I thought.

 I made an expression, which made her think I was hungrier. She took the lid of her lunch box and emptied some contents into it. And offered it to me.

 “For Moi??” I asked with the innocence of a 2 year old, with no milk flowing across my face.

 “Yes. For you.”, she smiled.

 “Do you have a spoon? I don’t eat without a spoon”, I asked.

 “And how did you eat your lunch?”, she retorted.

 “Hmm. That was breakfast that I ate for lunch. This is lunch which I have for lunch”, I said, feeling proud of the fact that I had confused her.

 She gave me a cold stare. I understood that she couldn’t comprehend what I said.

 “Here, use it. But, I’ve already used it for having lunch”, she warned.

 “That’s okay. They've had the opportunity to kiss your lips! Something I didn’t get”, I said with a smile across my face.

 She moved closer. The gap between our faces reduced inch-by-inch.

 I was close to her shining red lips.

 Someone poured cold water on my face. “Mooooom!!”, I dragged.

 “Wake up. Its almost 10 in the morning. And you’re not done sleeping yet??”, she asked.

 Aaargh!! It was only a dream. Sheeeeesh. ‘Wouldn’t it happen in reality?’, I thought to myself. ‘Let me catch up on my dream again’, I thought and lay down on my bed.

 Something landed on me. My mom was standing at the door to my room. I thought it was some cute, huggable pillow. I was wrong. It was a broomstick.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

hi mani beuls here again. this chapter is good but i feel that you were confused here and there.... but still i loved this one too. write the part IV soon or else i will be standing with a broom hee hee

Vinay said...

Hi mani, that was so romantic I almost hated u when u stopped the dream n moved on to reality.

Incidentally I just updated my twitter with "Should I dream the dream again?" :D

N it looked pretty real, this dream..n I loved the jokes n ur trademark mokkai

Mani S said...

Thank you :) People like me can get romantic only in our dreams. :)

Flora said...

Mani, Pinreenga ponga.. !

Thambi tea innum varla...

Aana vada pochey :)