Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Lost Soul Part VI

A dull weekday. Adhrit drove on his 150 cc bike to the amusement park. He bought a ticket from the ticket booth. He scanned through the rides. He decided to try the old roller coaster. People seldom used the roller coaster, since they felt it was too dangerous. Even then many youths had tried the ride, to display their fearlessness.

 Adhrit showed his coupon to a person near the ride. No one else in sight near the ride. He was happy that he could enjoy the ride all alone and get the thrill of it. The guy examining the tickets appeared to be absent minded. He kept his pen behind his right ear and appeared to be searching far and wide for it.

Adhrit helped him by locating his pen. The guy thanked Adhrit.

 There was only one car attached to the steel tracks. At a time, it could accommodate only two people. He took the seat at the left and lowered the shoulder harness. It locked with a click.

 Next he raised the lapbar and it locked with a click. Everything was in place. The guy who was in charge of the ride, switched it on. The car moved at a slow pace. The rattling of the steel wheels with the steel tracks could be heard. Tiny sparks were seen as a result of friction.

 A big loop was coming up. The car would gain momentum when it went down a steep hill of the steel track. When the car was half way through, something happened. The car had stopped mid-way.

 Adhrit looked confused. He signaled to the guy operating the ride.

 “Must be a power cut”, he shouted and continued to someone at the opposite end of the ride. “Switch on the generator!!”

 The guy at the opposite end swore at the person operating the ride. He seemed to have remembered something suddenly. He shuddered. He trembled in fear as he voiced something to himself. “The generator works by itself during a power cut”.

 He had uttered the last three words. He heard a screeching sound. The car moved forward in full speed. It stopped. It moved again and stopped, as If someone was playing with the car.

Adhrit's heart was pounding with fear. The car moved forward. 3 feet. The lapbar snapped. The shoulder harness broke into 4 pieces and flew in the air. He held on tight to the car. It moved again. It halted again, now as if someone had applied brake all of a sudden.

 He was thrown 20 feet into the air. He landed in between the tracks. He was dangling in between the steel tracks. He held on as tight as possible to the steel tracks, as people watched everything in a state of horror.

 He heard a screeching sound. He lifted his head in the direction of the sound. Too late. Snap. A protruding steel portion of the car severed his head. Blood flew in the air. Along with his head. His headless body fell from a height of fifty feet, as people below watched in horror.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

super ah terror ah irunthuthu da....... it is amazing............ proud of you noddy....... i think that i will never stop being proud of you

Mani S said...

Thanks a lot :) I guess I'll never stop feeling glad I got you as my friend :)

Vinay said...

woah! That was so cool..great work man!

Mani S said...

Thanks da :)