Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Lost Soul Part II

I felt bad. Really bad. But I was glad no one heard what he said. I came back to my place.

“What did he say?”, asked Uday.

“Nothing. He just asked me about my native place. Some personal details. That’s all”, I said, trying to avoid looking at his face.

The entire day was occupied. I got some relief during the lunch hour and had a 10-minute recess that added to my joy. The entire day passed. But it was long enough. I boarded my college bus. A plump guy sat next to me. I couldn’t see his face, as my vision was getting worse everyday.

“Hi. I’m Sia Sharma”, he said extending his hand for mine.

“Hello. I’m Inaam.”, I replied. Why do these guys add their surnames? Can’t they just say their first names? Sheesh. What a world. I avoided talking to him and managed to catch up on some sleep, after a tiring day. I was beginning to like college. Strange for a student to say, after attending the first day of college.

I reached my stop and walked home. I narrated the experiences I had to my mom. She listened carefully, trying not to miss out on any details. I had my dinner and went to sleep, thinking what was in store for me the next day.

College was fun. I went for a movie in the second semester of college with some of my classmates. A year passed. Second year in college. I joined an I.T. training centre to learn the nuances of programming. It was my first day at the centre.

As usual, I was early. My staff, Ms.Divya had already arrived and we were done with the introduction stuff and other formalities. Some more students joined the class and it was almost full.

I was sitting in the first row and the chairs next to me were not occupied.

“Shall we start the class?”, asked Ms.Divya.

“Yes ma’am”. We all replied in chorus, impatient for the class to start.

“Excuse me ma’am. May I come in?”, said a sweet voice at the door to the training room.

“Yeah, do come in. The class is about to start”, she smiled.

I turned back to look at her. She walked fast. But, everything appeared to be in slow motion.She adjusted her free flowing hair behind her ears. Her pretty red lips glittered in the semi-dark room. My jaw dropped. The prettiest girl on earth. I scribbled something at the back of my notebook.


“The prettiest girl on earth,

Came to take away my heart,

My days had always been dull,

You’re my heaven and I’m dying to get out from hell .”

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

hi da beuls here............ very nice story i am surprised by the way you write

Mani S said...

Thank you :)