Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Lost Soul Part IV

A year had passed and I made lot of friends in college. Bharath, the guy with innocent looks was always with me. He was fearless. He would always end up fighting with some members of the college management.

I avoided talking to too many girls, except for a select few. Christina, a very good friend of mine, was always there to lend me a helping hand, whenever I broke down. She was always there to lift my sagging spirits.

She would be always on the run to make me happy and I confided almost everything to her. She would listen to everything I say, patiently and reminded me about my absent mindedness often.

Sadhana was another great friend, whom I trusted a lot. She would always crack jokes and we shared almost the same thoughts all the time. She was one person, who took to life from a different perspective.

Uday was close. He was brilliant in studies, and had a great sense of logic. He had an extremely good sense of humour and would have me in splits all the time. Bharath would be seen hanging out with his friends Adhrit, Zayan and Jevon all the time, prying for fresh trouble.

 A month passed like a minute. College was paradise. It changed me a lot. The way I looked at life.


I couldn’t sleep the entire night. Something was wrong somewhere. I tried hard to get some sleep, but couldn’t. I switched on my computer and started checking mail. Something was disturbing me internally. I couldn’t concentrate. Three hours passed in what looked like eternity. It was morning.

I had a severe headache, owing to sleeplessness. I got ready for college. I boarded my bus. There was commotion inside a hostel near my college. Policemen were seen at the hostel premises. Something was wrong.

Bharath and I got down to know what was happening. We had the shock of our lives.

Someone had just been murdered. It was a girl. Her throat was slit wide open. She lay in a pool of blood.

Sniffer dogs had already started their work. Bharath and I stood still. Two dogs came near and started barking loud at me. But, only for a few seconds. The dogs started wailing and choked up. The dogs spit blood. In no time, the two sniffer dogs were dead.

I looked at Bharath. Something was not in place. We decided to move from there. I had a last look at the corpse of the girl who lay in a pool of blood. I left the hostel. Adjacent to the hostel was the regional University office. The office staff thronged the place to know what was going on.

Some people cursed those who had murdered her. 

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

good loosu........... u are back in form. i am proud of you - beulah

Mani S said...

Thanks a lot :)

Vinay said...

I do that quite a lot myself...check my mail when i'm bored or disturbed..seems to be getting interesting....the sniffer dogs also died?? thats pretty mysterious..