Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Lost Soul Part V

A train journey to my native. Cool breeze. Darkness everywhere, but not in my heart. The train stopped for a while at a station. No one near me. The Silence was eerie.  I heard footsteps inside the compartment.

‘Must  be the TTE’, I thought.

I searched for my ticket and as the shadow came closer, I turned back to show my ticket. It was a girl. She was pretty. She had black hair, that resembled the darkness outside. Her eyes were brilliant, tucked away behind designer eye-glasses.

She had very white skin and her face shone like a star. I thought I would be better off as a dermatologist. I smiled to myself. She said something. I couldn’t decipher what she said.

“Huh??”, I asked.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a girl before?”, she asked.

“I’m sorry. I have seen girls before. You’re the second prettiest girl I’ve seen in my life”, I said with a toothy grin.

She smiled. “Who’s the first?”, she asked.

“We’ve hardly spoken and you expect me to say everything personal?”, I retorted.

She nodded her head. I guess she agreed to what I told her. The train’s loud horn interrupted. She closed her eyes and made an expression, as if she was totally disgusted with the sound of the horn.

I smiled at her. She started the conversation. “Hi. I’m Dhyana and am in my pre-final year of engineering”, she said.

“Inaam. The same.”, I said.

“Doesn’t the name Dhyana have to something with music?”, I asked curiously.

“Yeah. It means ‘melodious music’”, she replied.

She started the conversation again. “You are too reserved aren’t you?”, she asked.

“Yeah, sort of. Reserved me and reserved ticket!!”, I said.

She gave me a cold stare when deciphered sounded like, ‘One more joke like that and you’re dead’.

And I decided not to crack any more jokes. We discussed everything under the sun. And even things we couldn’t comprehend. Time passed very quickly.

“So, tell me about your experiences with love”, she asked.

I was little hesitant initially, but later gave in. “Her name is Priya. I haven’t seen a girl like her. Not even in you.”, I said.

She looked a bit puzzled and asked me to continue.

“It was love at first sight. I’d love to have her by my side forever.”, I said and continued. “Haven’t shown even an indication of my love. I don’t know, how I’m gonna go about.”

“Do you have her photo or something?”, she asked.

“Yeah, I do.”, I said feeling very proud.

I took a photo of her, while she was half asleep in class. And did not have the courage to show it to her and tucked it away in the farthest corners of my mobile phone.

“Her? Hmm. No wonder you fell in love with her. She looks like an angel”, she smiled as she gave me back my mobile phone .

My station was closing in fast. So was hers. Both of us got ready with our luggage. As the train docked the station, she turned to me.

“It was nice meeting you. Hope you succeed in your pursuits and good luck. Let me know alright?”, she said as she gave me her contact information.

“Thanks”, I said and continued to walk towards the exit. Priya’s face kept flashing across my eyes. Every girl I looked at look like Priya. No wonder. Beauty exists in everyone and Priya was the serene form of beauty.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

nice chapter da......... who is that figure....... is she real or reel da.... do let me know

Anonymous said...

hey its beulah da......

Mani said...

real:)figure out that figure:)

Vinay said...

hey mani, the darkness compared to her hair was cool..ur mokkais are flawless its a talent u should develop reserved me n ticket lol

dai hero unnaku rendu girls ah? nadathu nadathu

Mani S said...

adhu chumma time pass da :)